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Guest information

Dear guests!

Below, we have collected all necessary and important information related to our Diás Pension.

Guest information from A to Z

ATM - There is no cash machine at the Diás Guesthouse. The nearest one is located at 4 Széchenyi Square.

Bed Linen - Our staff changes the bed linen every third day, but upon request, it can be changed daily. Please help our guesthouse operate in an environmentally friendly manner and request a change only when necessary. Please notify our staff of your request.

Baby-friendly Equipment and Services - Depending on availability, we can provide the following items: high chair in the restaurant, baby cot, various toys, and books.

Entrance - We kindly ask our guests to keep the entrance door closed during the evening hours.

Check-in - The room can be occupied from 2:00 PM. In case of an earlier arrival, luggage storage is available at the guesthouse reception.

Razor - If needed, a razor is available at the reception.

Smoking - In accordance with legal regulations, smoking is prohibited throughout the entire guesthouse. Ignoring this rule will result in a compensation fee of 30,000 HUF. If the smoke detector is activated due to smoking, the fire department's call-out fee will be charged to the responsible party.

Wake-up Call - Wake-up service is available from 7:00 AM upon request at the reception.

Dining Room - The items in the dining room are available for guests to use free of charge.

Safe Keeping - You can leave your valuables for safekeeping at the reception of our guesthouse.

Payment Methods - At our guesthouse, you can pay by cash (HUF), bank and credit cards (VISA, Maestro, Mastercard), Szép card (OTP, K&H), or by bank transfer after departure.

Cooling, Air Conditioning - In the summer, for health reasons, we do not recommend setting the temperature more than 6°C below the outside temperature.

Pharmacy - For opening hours and the duty pharmacy, please inquire at the reception.

Hair Dryer - A hair dryer is available at the reception.

Internet - The name and password of the guesthouse's internet network can be requested at the reception.

Game Room, Conference Room - Located on the ground floor of the guesthouse. Foosball and billiards are available free of charge.

Maintenance - If you encounter any broken, malfunctioning, or damaged items or equipment in the hotel, please notify the reception.

Check-out - The hotel room is available until 11:00 AM on the day of departure. For a later check-out, please arrange it with the reception.

Transportation - For information regarding transportation, please contact the reception.

Air Conditioning - Some rooms in our guesthouse are air-conditioned. Please ensure that windows and doors are closed when the air conditioning is in use.

Complaints and Feedback - If you have any complaints or feedback during your stay, please notify the reception.

Parking - Our guesthouse has its own parking lot, which is free for all guests.

Pillow - If you need an extra pillow, please notify the reception.

Currency Exchange - Currency exchange is not available at the hotel.

Extra Bed - Limited numbers are available upon request.

Programs - For information about programs and events, please inquire at the reception.

Reception - The hotel reception operates from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. In case of emergency, please call: 0630 204 3026.

Breakfast - Breakfast is available at the Pécsi-tó Grill Terrace and Café, located about 200 meters from our guesthouse. Monday to Sunday, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

Toiletries - Shampoo and soap are available in the bathroom. Cotton pads, cotton swabs, and nail files are available at the reception if needed.

Cleaning - Daily from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. If you place the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside door handle, our staff will not disturb you. For any extra requests, please contact the housekeeping staff or the reception.

Blankets - For additional blankets, please call the reception.

Lost and Found - For lost or found items, please inquire at the reception.

Towels - Towels in the room are changed every third day. Towels can also be changed daily if requested at the reception. Please help our guesthouse operate in an environmentally friendly manner and request a change only when necessary.

Fire and Emergency - Please read the "Fire Safety Rules" section; in case of fire or emergency, follow the instructions provided.

Sewing Kit - A sewing kit is available upon request at the reception.





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